Anti-Explosion/Explosion Proof LED

ACES LED  offers Anti-Explosion (Or Explosion Proof) LED fixture. Our product passed the following testing and standard:

UL 844, UL 1598, UL8750,  CSA C22.2 No. 137

Class I Division 2, Group A, B, C and D

Class II Division 2, Group F and G

Class III



CES Series—click picture for detail

CES-J40 / CES-J100 / CES-J200

EP light

EX-LN-02 Series: click picture for detail

CES-EX-LN-02-40xxxx /  CES-EX-LN-02-50xxxx / CES-EX-LN-02-60xxxx / CES-EX-LN-02-80xxxx / CES-EX-LN-02-100xxxx / CES-EX-LN-02-120xxxx / CES-EX-LN-02-150xxxx


EX-SF-02 Series: click picture for detail

CES-EX-GB-02-30xxxx /  CES-EX-GB-02-40xxxx / CES-EX-GB-02-60xxxx / CES-EX-GB-02-80xxxx / CES-EX-GB-02-100xxxx / CES-EX-GB-02-120xxxx / CES-EX-GB-02-150xxxx / CES-EX-GB-02-185xxxx / CES-EX-GB-02-200xxxx


IP 66, Damp and Wet Location

Wattage range: 40W (4,800lm)~ 180W (18,000lm)

Energy saving option: 0~10v dimmable

50,000+ hours  LED lifespan

Mounting: Ceiling, Drop, Wall mount options



Explosion Proof/Anti Explosion LED Light